Scope and Revision History

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The content, at, is a bit much for a single J-term course. We did not cover everything. A regular semester might be a better container.


Here's the pattern followed in the J-term course:

  1. Worked through most of the 1D assignments. Made the Gui Controls and the Hollow Cars and Demos assignments optional.
  2. Presented the Vector Class Module and the 2D Framework, but made the assignments optional. This makes a good weekend (or two or three) challenge for those students that have coding experience.
  3. Presented the Multiplayer Demo (networking) assignment. This makes a very nice in-class demo where multiple students (with laptops) can connect their clients to the server which is rendering to a large projection screen in the room. But again, the development of the client/server files is a good overload assignment for students looking for more. However, this can be taken as a result and used by those that want multiplayer functionality in their game.
  4. Then it was back to required assignments where the students learned techniques for embellishing their moving pucks to make them playable: rotating turrets, firing bullets (and the associated impulse forces), visual indicators of health, etc. All the assignments between the 2D Framework and the Perfect Kiss were required.
  5. At this point, they started working on projects while I presented the material on Pybox2d. There are no required assignments here. A few students used this in the end for their projects, but most used our own 2D Framework.